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 About Me

NancyI am CSK (Chief Spinner and Knitter)of Hair of the Dog Designer Yarns. I live in an idyllic New England setting where fiber arts are common place.  My love of dogs and talent in fiber arts has spawned a unique line of designer goods.  I work to hand spin designer yarns and provide finished, knitted items for discriminating clients.

I have worked with master spinners and knitters on my designs.  My clients range
from owners of the beloved family pet to owners of internationally acclaimed
champion dogs.


About Prince Hairy

Prince Hairy is Vice President of Brand Awareness (VPBA) for Hair of the Dog.  Prince Hairy took over the role of VPBA in 2015.  He is a Chinese Crested Powderpuff who can often be seen in the breed rings in the American Kennel Club, United Kennel Club, and Canadian Kennel Club.  Prince Hairy brings an international flair to the business, as he is 50% Russian.  He is usually sitting right next to me when I am processing fiber or spinning yarn. 


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